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  • Communicate in an authentic way by understanding not all meal plans will perform equally
  • Help your clients find the sweet spot when setting goals so that they can do the most and best they can. Ensure that they set goals that are neither beneath them or are too aspirational
  • Guide, hold accountable and alter or shift your clients’ mindset to help get them through real goals
  • Take a highly qualified, prospective client and then systematically and sequentially move them from prospect to buyer using the app
  • Add value and monetize your services using Lean Buddy
  • Use short messages to test a new marketing idea
  • Instruct clients not just on the elements of your services but also on how your services impact them
  • Outprice your competition by adding more tangible value to your services by discovering the real needs of your niche using Lean Buddy
  • Collect meaningful information from your clients so your practice is more profitable
  • Discover NEW ways to find new, passionate, smoking-hot leads
  • Develop a connection beyond the transaction and keep your clients longer
  • Grow your business faster by finding new profit sources, new revenue services or a new market
  • Use the app to show your clients how to become more passionate, purposeful, and have a greater sense of the possibilities within their goals

3 YEARS ago we came to the realization we were building trainer apps ALL wrong. We decided to involve real personal trainers and get their candid criticism through each stage of the app design…

Well, the results were amazing...

Soaking in the success of instant feedback we could did not stop, and unequivocally decided to pressure test the app with the best online personal coaches in the world. Take a look at this…

Take a look at this.......

And very quickly these results were duplicated by different trainers

Our story began when we decided to interview 102 trainers over the phone, trying to determine the best suite of services to offer in one centralized app.

But quickly as any business owner will soon come to realize, interviewing so many trainers is going to place too many cooks in the kitchen. All of a sudden we had an exorbitant amount of information to include in the app, keeping us away from our mantra - “Simple Stupid” (Steve Job’s design secret to success).

But only after our first three versions, realizing no one wanted to use the App, we had our big AH-HA moment.

By just keeping these simple screens we were able to meet 85% of all trainers’ requests:

  • A messaging screen that restricts messaging between the trainer and the client (getting to the true intent of the user)
  • A one-page weight loss tracker that allows you to tell the story of how each client is evolving
  • And a meal plan that allows clients to choose their preferred meals

Rather than offering some Band-Aid Solution, we were able to help trainers uncover the true intent of their clients (tracking their comments) and allowed the trainers to match their requests with NEW laser accurate products. As you can see from the Facebook comments, this was not a theoretical discussion, and trainers were quickly able to add more services and connect faster with their clients.

And the results… well, take a look at the Facebook picture again.


The app quickly helped me realize how my mistakes were chasing potential clients away. My communication skills were severely lacking and hurting my ability to follow-up and work with new clients. While this app is a different approach than I'm used to, I have to admit it makes a lot of sense.

Patrick Padgett

But as trainers started using the Lean Buddy app,

we hit another HUGH road block.

  • Some trainers wanted to import their own meal plans.

And they wanted the app to collect more specific body info to track their clients’ progress.

That is when we decided it was time to upgrade the app,

as illustrated in our history below.


    Old Message Screen

  • Ability to tap into your prospects’ mind and truly help them achieve their goals

  • New Message Screen

  • Ability to capture pictures and text messages

  • New Body Measurement

  • Ability to capture body measurements (neck, waist, etc.)

  • Old Weight Scale

  • The old scale was limited to Pounds

  • New Weight Scale

  • The new scale now includes Kilograms, Stone, and Pounds


Branding for Trainers

Be Exposed on Facebook

Check In was modified to include your website URL or a Facebook page you would like to promote.


If you are not changing your meal plans,
then you might be in BIG, BIG trouble.

But that is good news … it is really good news if you are willing to reach out for the assistance we’re about to give you.

Many trainers exhibit one of their core values through individualized meal plans.

But over the last three years, we have made some insightful discoveries.

After following 201 clients over a 3-year span, we quickly came to the realization that many clients were simply not following their specialized meal plans.

In fact based on our testing we were able to conclude most clients would only use 22% of the meal plans 82% of the time.

Which strangely enough complies with the 80:20 rule (roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes, e.g., "80% of your sales come from 20% of your clients”).

Which raises the question:

  • How much are you spending on meal planning software each month?
  • How effective is this for your clients?

If fact, we predict in less than 2 years from now if you’re still dependent on only one static meal plan, you are going to be in big trouble. The same way Blackberry lost 80% of their market to Apple because they refused to innovate.

But you must pay very close attention.

The Info You Need to Succeed with Meal Plans is Now INVISIBLE…

To succeed, we found “one weird trick” that will help

you understand why prospects are willing to stick

with your meal plans.

And that will be revealed when you sign up….

Boot Camp Domination

Does having a ton of clients, makes individualize of services

impossible to complete on a daily basis?

Step 1: Create Competitive Groups

If you have a ton of clients, start out by creating groups within the boot camp. Each group will compete against each other. (Make sure these individuals are friends on Lean Buddy, so that they can share their progress and keep each other motivated).

Step 2: Create a contest and set goals.

On Lean Buddy, you can share images and stats with your friends. By utilizing contests, you can motivate users based on which team can lose more weight, record the most Meal pictures, etc.

Step 3: Declare a Winner

  • Now just image the impact of having clients outside the gym take pictures and talking about your weight contest?
  • Are you ready to take your Boot Camp to a whole different level of achieving superior results?


After using the app, I am able to speed up the customer experience and market myself as a professional - not just standing around counting reps.

I no longer feel uncomfortable or uneasy when asking visitors to pony up some cash for the additional sessions.

Priscilla Martin





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  • Under 1oo Clients
  • Unlimited Access to all of Lean Buddy features

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  • Access to 2-Day Online Personal Training Course, to learn how other trainers are closing $5,000 online coaching contracts (But you have to apply to qualify)
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Lean Buddy has purchased the exclusive rights to a “2-day intensive online personal trainer program” that shows trainers how to gather online clients and sell their weight loss programs from $1,000 to $5,000.

This course cannot be purchased anywhere else. Once you review this course, you will be able to see how beginners (19-year-old trainers are closing $1,000 deals in less than a week) and experienced trainers are absolutely crushing it online. Take a look at the testimonials below, , but there is a catch…you have to apply to qualify for this course…


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Yearly Plan + Bonus

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Here’s the deal: if you want this 2-day package, you will still have to prove to us why you would like access to the course. Bottom line is if you are not a good fit, we will NOT grant you access to this 2-day program.

On occasion, we get the question, “Do you have a guarantee?” Honestly, that is something we will never give you. The reason is simple; we really care about your success.

Anyone who is given a guarantee knows you have an option to opt out – i.e., QUIT. It is the perfect reason not to follow through. To weed out those people, we created a 2-minute prequalification questionnaire. If we are happy with your answers, my team or I will send you the link to gain access to the online program.

The content as you can see from the testimonials above is simply brilliant. Our goal is to arm you with the best possible resources and tools to completely dominate your market. Your five closest friends are your level of income, but more importantly, your 5 closest friends are your average level of thinking. This course exposes you to the best thinkers and action takers on the market. All you need is one simple idea to completely dominate your market…

The content as you can see from the testimonials above is simply brilliant. Our goal is to arm you with the best possible resources and tools to completely dominate your market. Your five closely friends is your level of income, but more importantly your 5 closest friends is your average level of thinking. This course exposes you the best thinkers and action takers in the market. All you need is one simple idea to completely dominate your market…

Who We Are

Who We Are

Ok, this is by far the thinnest picture I could find of myself

The content as you can see from the testimonials above is simply brilliant. Our goal is to arm you with the best possible resources and tools to completely dominate your market. Your five closest friends are your level of income, but more importantly, your 5 closest friends are your average level of thinking. This course exposes you to the best thinkers and action takers on the market. All you need is one simple idea to completely dominate your market…





- Can the app take photos of meals?

- The app will allow you to take pictures; in addition you will be able to count the calories per each meal and recoded their stress levels when they are eating their meal. (This will allow you to measure their stress levels and will help you determine if there is a direct correlation between high levels of stress and the client’s diet).

-  Can the app track weight + body circumference?

- In lean buddy clients can record their weight and the now we also added the ability to track specific measurements in the app. 
- This new measurement can be found in the Message tab, and look for the Measurements tab. Your clients will be able to send you text messages about their weight or body circumference as well as take pictures of their body. This will create a private message and it will be sent on Lean Buddy

- Chat function (similar to whatsapp) with ability to attach photos and short videos of up to 60 seconds?

- In the message screen you can chat similar to whatsapp. You can send private or group messages on the app
- you can take unlimited videos which will be uploaded to the YouTube. These videos will be listed as private so only you and the client will be able to view these videos. These videos are playable from the Lean Buddy app, restricting all your needs to one app.

- Will the app be free for my clients with the Personal trainer paying for it?

- The app is free for your clients. They will select you when signing up as a trainer. And you will be able to send and receive messages between each other

- How do you add clients?

- You can add clients manually as a trainer, or you can simply send your clients a link to sign up and select you as trainer.